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Ekol360 WebSuite enables the tracking of your products from sales to end user delivery. Ekol360 WebSuite is an infrastructure provider that facilitates comprehensive management of all your processes with web-based time tracking and end-to-end management of your e-commerce platform. The infrastructure provider helps you easily list your products for sale on marketplaces such as Trendyol, HepsiBurada and N11 or on web platforms including D2C (Direct to Customer) environments and meets even your most complex requirements.

Ekol360 WebSuite offers an advanced infrastructure service. It gives you the opportunity to list your products in the right category and hierarchy on your website or on the marketplaces and facilitates reaching your target audience to boost your sales.

You are closer than ever to the end consumer with the Ekol 360 WebSuite feature allowing for in-site searches. The in-site search function helps augment the number of visitors and create a substantial difference in your conversion rates. You can thus increase the visibility of your product(s) for the end consumer and increase the conversion rates of page visits to sales. Increasing the number of visitors and longer stays on the website thanks to the in-site search feature not only enhances your brand familiarity, but also allows you to generate income through various channels.

Besides features such as product listing and in-site search, Ekol 360 WebSuite also offers you the opportunity to create campaigns that can be applied across all sales channels. Campaign set-ups are crucial to expand your target audience, improve your brand familiarity or increase your sales volume. Experience seamless e-commerce on Ekol 360 WebSuite, where you can set up your campaigns or report on all activities.