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Fulfillment refers to the entire ordering process, and in the simplest terms, means to combine all e-commerce operations in a single system, from the moment of ordering to the delivery to the end consumer.  As the increase in the variety and quantity of products prevents sellers from checking their items one by one, they opt for Ekol360 Fulfillment to ensure quality, sustainable and environment-friendly storage, handling, stock management, packaging, and fast delivery services. 

Ekol360 Fulfillment is here to gain you an advantage in the ever-increasing competitive world of e-commerce. The system also allows for joint inventory for goods or services across different channels. 

Ekol360 Fulfillment supports you throughout the entire process and maximizes customer trust at all times. Strong customer trust will allow you to increase your brand awareness. By saving time when producing reports, you will be able to focus on areas in need of improvement. In addition, you can easily manage the heavy traffic during your promotional campaign periods. On Ekol360 Fulfillment you can monitor the progress and traffic of your promotional campaigns to boost your sales without compromising on your systematic business flow. You will be able to maximize your efficiency in e-commerce operations through the parametric planning algorithms and flexible workforce management within a scalable IT infrastructure.

The easy and systematic performance of Ekol360 Fulfillment will ensure time efficiency, allow you to focus on new markets and product segments and create added value during your transformations. Enjoy a unique e-commerce journey with Ekol360 Fulfillment, a sustainability-oriented, transparent, and traceable logistics service provider.