E-Commerce Engineer

Building on 32 years of experience, we have created the Ekol360 brand to gather our different e-commerce activities under one integrated system.

Our new brand promises you an innovative experience of added value, ready to be your e-commerce engineer. You can now focus entirely on your manufacturing as we manage all processes end-to-end on your behalf.

We now pave the way to international platforms in e-commerce and offer flexible, technological, fast, proactive and innovative E2E solutions, benefiting from our multinational structure.



Web Suite

Ekol360 WebSuite is an infrastructure provider that facilitates comprehensive management of all your processes with web-based time tracking and end-to-end management of your e-commerce platform. The infrastructure provider helps you easily list your products for sale on marketplaces or on web platforms including D2C (Direct to Customer) environments and meets even your most complex requirements.

Cross Border

The end-to-end, fast, traceable, sustainable, and cost-efficient Ekol 360 Cross Border helps manage your cross-border e-commerce operations, in other words micro exports, including the consultancy, systemic infrastructure and logistics services that you need to deliver your products to end users.

Delivery Platform

The Ekol360 Delivery Platform allows you to manage your shipping from a single platform. The algorithm-based infrastructure of the Ekol360 Delivery Platform ensures maximum efficiency and affordable prices for the delivery to end consumers, both within the country and abroad.


Fulfillment refers to the entire ordering process, and in the simplest terms, means to combine all e-commerce operations in a single system, from the moment of ordering to the delivery to the end consumer. As the increase in the variety and quantity of products prevents sellers from checking their items one by one, they opt for Ekol360 Fulfillment to ensure quality, sustainable and environment-friendly storage, handling, stock management, packaging, and fast delivery services.